About Bella

Bella Wellness
At Bella Group we encourage healthy lifestyles among our team members. In fact, since the 90’s all Bella facilities have been declared “smoke-free zones”. Beyond providing competitive benefits, like our 401(k) plan with corporate matching, we believe it is our responsibility to promote healthy habits throughout our organization. Our Wellness Program includes a yearly Wellness Fair for the entire team and their family members. Throughout the year Bella holds health events offered by wellness and medical providers which target some of our community’s most pressing needs such as: increased physical activity, healthy eating habits, blood sugar management and musculoskeletal health, among others. These clinics are free of charge.

Work Wellness

As part of our comprehensive program, in 2014 the company inaugurated Bella Wellness Clinic located in the administration building. It is headed by a General Practitioner and completely free for our Bella team members for first aid assistance, clinical diagnosis, referrals to specialists, among other medical services.Implementing a Wellness Center program within the workplace is a vital component to promote a healthy lifestyle. We firmly believe that a healthy team will tend to be happier and more productive, so our wellness program matters to us greatly. Improving wellbeing and job satisfaction have proven to make a positive impact on our people and on the success of the company.